How can I get the car back?

  • Recently, there have been too many car theft incidents around me. These incidents occurred in the communities where I live. I am worried about my car being stolen. Is there any way to prevent the theft or the vehicle from being stolen? How to recover quickly? What equipment can you use to help find it?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    There are many ways to prevent theft and tracking of stolen goods, and you can propose corresponding solutions based on the status information of the goods. First of all, I thought of using GPS tracking equipment to track the location, which can be quickly known after the stolen vehicle location information is stolen, so that we can ask the police for help and return the car. However, this method also has certain disadvantages. It relies on the GPS satellite signal to recover quickly. If the GPS signal is blocked by the gps jammer , the GPS tracker cannot be used for recovery.

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