Is it possible to blocker hidden Bluetooth earplugs alone?

  • Hello, I am an educator, and as more and more advanced technology, many students begin to cheat with high technology. One of them is the hidden bluetooth earplugs. I think I need a jammer that can blocker the Bluetooth signal alone without affecting others. But which specific jammer should be used has not been conclusive. If you can help me, I will be grateful!
  • Hello, alexytony.
    In general, Bluetooth earplugs use the 2.4GHz frequency. You can choose a jammer that can blocker this frequency.
    In addition, if you need to jammer bluetooth / wireless signal frequency alone, then you can choose a signal jammer with adjustable power function or with a separate band switch.
    Of course, signal jammer are not the only thing that I think should be used as a last resort. Before using the disruptor, you can communicate with the students first, after all, the risk of cheating is found to be great.

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