Whether can the police without permission to monitor cell phone?

  • EarlNewman
    Hi, guys
    I know that the police must be authorized to for personal GPS tracking. Then listen and follow up phone? How to track and stop him?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hello, Earl
    Our experts after research, said the mobile phone can be tracked. It depends on whether you are using a smartphone or a smartphone. Because once installed in your mobile phone positioning components or through a smartphone holes on your mobile phone positioning, so your privacy will be exposed.
    Warantless tracking was a target of US law enforcements for a pretty long time and smartphone tracking via base station triangulation is the best option here. But also, there are a couple of ways to avoid that tracking. First of all you should know how that works. Your phone maintains connection with at least 3 GSM stations at a time. While their location is fixed, your raw location between three of them is calculated. The only way to prevent that is to use a portable cell phone jammer, which will disable a cell phone and block tracking!

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