Can block access to social networks in the office?

  • MoiraAnne
    Hello, every one
    I have tried to limit the access to these social networking sites on the computer, but my employees can still visit by smartphone or other mobile devices. So, in the face of such situation, what can I do?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Hello, Moira
    You may not be able to prevent your employees alone cannot access social networks. But you can prevent them from access to the Internet. That's not a really elegant solution, but it works. We also understand why you need to do so, social networks lead to data leaks and they are also a reason of a low productivity.
    Basically, intelligent device you want to access social network, can only through the following three ways. 3 g, 4 g networks, and wi-fi hotspots. o to block all three, we recommend that you use a cell phone jammer that can jam all three at once

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