Can a hacker break into my mobile bank through a smartphone?

  • ArmstrongMacAdam
    Hello, guys
    I often use mobile banking for payment. Recently, I read a news that this payment method may have some vulnerabilities. I wonder how secure it is
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    First, you need to know that smartphones have big holes. Hackers can break into your phone in many ways. But obviously we can't sacrifice convenience for security. There are ways we can make our smartphones safer.
    Also, you should pay attention to the rules of safe mobile banking. We do not recommend to use those mobile banking apps, because they may compromise you bank account's security. Also, avoid using your mobile banking application, when connected to the public Wi-Fi network, as long as those networks are vulnerable and hacker may be able to intercept your traffic. If you are doing so – it would be wise to have a Wi-Fi cell phone jammer at hand, to be able to block Internet connection of your smartphone is seconds, so your account will be safe.

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