Can smart phones block applications?

  • Hi, I've heard that this new remote blocking feature for Android smartphones works really well and does protect your property if your smartphone is lost or stolen. But I wonder, is there a way to use this feature for legitimate owners of gadgets? Can someone stop it remotely? Thanks in advance!
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    First, you can set a password and remotely block the device, all previously installed passwords will be deleted and replaced with new passwords.However, if the phone is connected to the network, all these functions will work. After the phone is connected to the network, the password will be replaced.Therefore, if there is a general cell phone jammer nearby-this function will not be available. Therefore, the answer to your question may be "yes" and will remain there until the feature is available to the rightful owner.So, what can users do with the remote blocking feature provided by Google Play services?  In addition, if GPS is not available, you can track the location of your phone through GPS or cell tower triangulation. Keep this in mind, because it can work both ways, so a thief may use it to literally "hide" your smartphone, or you as the owner may use it to prevent unauthorized blocking of your gadget. 

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