Is it safe to use public Wi-Fi hotspots on Amtrak trains?

  • Hello, I often use trains, and now my favorite Amtrak train tells the newspaper that they will equip all trains with free public Wi-Fi by the end of summer. I am not an expert on PCs and all these gadgets, I just want to know if it is safe to use those public hotspots, I need my personal data to be safe.
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Well, we should tell you that public Wi-Fi hotspots are dangerous, and we have written a lot on the personal security blog, and we will explain to you why. First of all, all the data you exchange with the hotspot is sent via a radio signal with a frequency of 2,4 GHz. As you know, without wifi jammer or Faraday cages, you will not be able to restrict the propagation of these signals. As long as the reading of the signal is not restricted, anyone within the Wi-Fi working range will be able to intercept your traffic and obtain some sensitive information. We at may tell you that if you don’t plan to read emails or access bank accounts, using those public Wi-Fi hotspots is not dangerous. Otherwise, you may lose some sensitive data. We also recommend that you read our secure mobile banking article. If you are using your mobile phone to access your bank account, these rules will definitely help.

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