How to block Foscam FI9821w IP camera?

  • Hi, I need to install a video surveillance system in my home without spending a small amount of money, so I installed these Chinese Foscam IP cameras. That's why I decided to go here. My friend told us that this is where you can get help with privacy protection.
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    I am glad to hear that our project is really helpful! And we at will serve you wholeheartedly. First, you should consider the fact that almost 1/3 of all IP cameras are broadcasting video to the Internet, and their owners don't even know this. The problem lies in configuration errors and weak security protocols. We can say that someone can monitor you, so you should check and configure your camera. Don't forget to check the passwords of the administrator and operator. Moreover, if you want to ensure 100% security, please use a 2.4 GHz wifi jammer, which will block the transmission between the camera and the server and ensure that no one can hack it, or correct it in any way You use.

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