Are apps on Android smartphones safe?

  • Hi! I use Verifon’s Way2Ride app on my Android smartphone, and I want to know that it’s really safe, because I heard it uses the very fragile NFC technology. I want to make sure that my smartphone, my personal data and the funds on my account will be protected from any NFC errors, attacks and possible viruses.
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    First of all, we should remind you of the fact that you are not sure about 100% security, because all modern smartphones are vulnerable to various hackers and vulnerabilities. If you want to make sure everything is in order, there are too many factors to consider. But let's go back to the application itself. The Way2Ride app provides a very convenient service for taxi passengers, allowing them to call a taxi, use a smartphone to pay, and even set a tip. Please keep in mind that everything you send via radio signals may be intercepted. That is the nature of radio waves, you can't just limit them. The only way to achieve this goal is to use an NFC cell phone jammer device, but the problem is that due to technical issues, there is no small portable version of the device. Therefore, in this case, the only option is to avoid NFC completely, or at least turn it on when necessary!

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