How to better control the child's mobile phone time?

  • It is a common phenomenon that children are addicted to mobile games, but I am really worried about my children. They play mobile games day and night. I want to stop him, but he no longer listens to my suggestions. What should I do?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    I think this situation not only exists in your family, but also in families above the middle class. This kind of behavior will also occur widely. Children playing mobile games have become a bad social atmosphere, which has seriously affected children's learning and healthy growth. You should take some measures to solve this problem. You can secretly install a cell phone jammer in your home to block the signal of the cell phone and make it unable to work normally. If your child does not follow your advice, he should take his mobile phone or reduce his pocket money. Of course, we are mainly focusing on education, and unless necessary, we should not take drastic measures.

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