Which carrier can be blocked by mobile jammers?

  • alexytonyalexytony
    Cheating in exams has been a very big problem since ancient times, so today's mobile phone jammers can block the signal transmission?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    Preventing cheating in the examination room has been a problem since ancient times. The ancient technology was underdeveloped and some people brought cheat sheets into the examination room. It is even more difficult to prevent cheating. There is another one. At this time, the mobile cell phone jammer showed its power. As we all know, nowadays, mobile phones are easy for candidates to cheat in the examination room. When they encounter questions that they don’t understand, they can find the answer by searching only a few keywords. Whoever has unified the Three Kingdoms and who cooks wine. Heroes rely not on knowledge but on internet speed, cell phone signal jammers. You can temporarily prevent the phone from sending out messages, and there is no way to search for answers if you can't connect to the Internet. So how can you cheat? At this time, some people may think that our mobile phone operators are different. Which operator's signal transmission can be blocked by mobile jammers? The answer, of course, is to block all of them. All mobile Internet devices cannot receive and send information within the range that it blocks, and the examination room is fair and fair.

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