Cell phone jammers stop the prison and the outside world

  • alexytonyalexytony
    What methods are generally used by prisons to prevent prisoners from communicating with the outside world? Is it a cell phone jammer?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    The management of a prison is not as simple as simply guarding the prisoners. It also needs to be responsible for the daily life and safety of the prisoners. Therefore, only those who have been prison guards know how difficult it is. Nowadays, with the advent of the technological era, the prison defense system is becoming more and more perfect. , Prison management is no longer a headache. The prison defense system is a very complex system that uses multiple mobile cell phone jammer to monitor without blind spots. It can realize three-dimensional time and space monitoring from the space in the supervision area to the prisoners and then to the police, ensuring the safety of the police and the prisoners. The security also prevents prisoners from committing crimes again, making jailbreaks and other actions. As long as abnormalities are found, they will be transmitted to full-time personnel through fixed monitoring equipment, and then full-time personnel will implement countermeasures. Because of this, the prison defense system has become an important system for the scientific and technological management of prisons in many prisons. It can assist the prison guards during their inspections. When abnormal conditions occur in the prison, it will also be quickly communicated to the full-time staff. Deal with the different incidents and manage everything in the prison scientifically and effectively.

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