The company monitors the speed of vehicles used

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    I have questions about the remote information processing stuck in the company's truck. I recently got a new work car and was told that it has a remote information processing function, which can monitor user speed, rest time and other driving habits. Wait. What I want to know is whether I crashed the system. If monitored, how will it be displayed? Is the position still correct? I work near London, and I wonder if it will affect if they see me in the assembly area without causing interference. Do I plan to buy jamming equipment? Good idea?
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    Thank you for your question. If you want to interfere with the tracking system, it will be monitored by your business. The signal will disappear. However, this often happens because of poor satellite signals. So you don't have to worry about blocking the truck tracking system. The GPS jammers may interfere with your tracking system, but we suggest you buy a multi-band mobile phone jammer, which is more powerful and can also interfere with your mobile GPS signal.

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