GPS Tracking Safety?

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    Network tracking. Cyberbullying occurs when someone uses technology to target or harass victims online. Intrusion into a device to track a person's location and movement without personal consent is an example of network tracking. This is usually achieved by installing monitoring applications on mobile devices to track locations without people knowing it.
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    The Global Positioning System not only facilitates navigation from point A to point B. It provides a reliable and accurate source to synchronize time and infrastructure, including within the power grid.
    GPS and location-based services may be some of the most important recent technological advancements, but they can also put privacy at risk.
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      The reliability and free features of GPS have enabled the development of thousands of applications that can be used in many aspects of a user's life. Given the pervasiveness of technologies across the world that use GPS to coordinate location and time, it's easy to imagine the hypothetical chaos that could result from an attack on GPS frequencies. Follow this summary of GPS infrastructure risks to understand the importance of GPS security to your business.

      GPS jamming. GPS jamming is distinct from identity theft. GPS jammers are usually small devices that emit strong radio signals that cover weaker signals from GPS or other sources. Once the device is turned on, the location of an individual or entity can be quickly hidden. Cheap GPS jammers are not only a nuisance to law enforcement - and generally illegal - but also a cause for concern, as they can disrupt the transportation industry and any other activity that relies on GPS tracking.

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