Can the signal shield go through the wall?

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    My home has two floors. Can the signal shield I plan to put in my bedroom penetrate the wall and affect the room on the second floor?
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    In order to deal with the increasingly rampant means of electronic signal cheating, many families even bought test signal shielding devices as a response, but their effective range is limited, so new problems arise. Is shielding still effective?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    The installed signal shields are of low power. Low power products are only used in open and narrow areas. The function and power of each model are different. You can read the instructions carefully when purchasing.

    The frequency transmitted by the signal shield will interfere with the frequency of the mobile phone receiving base station. Jammer and base station are destined to compete. If the transmission power of the signal jammer is less than the channel power sent to the mobile phone by the base station in the current environment, the jammer will be shielded. Only the power of the signal jammer is greater than the power sent by the base station. The base station effectively shields the mobile phone. The attenuation of reinforced concrete solid wall after penetration is less than 10 times; If it is made of wood or glass, the attenuation will be small.

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