How to prevent vehicle GPS tracking is very important

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    When you buy this kind of mortgage vehicle from a mortgage car company, you will inevitably worry about the safety problems after the purchase. Does anyone install a positioner in the vehicle? Will vehicles be driven away at midnight after parking? Therefore, in order to protect property safety, car buyers will also buy exclusive GPS signal blockers.
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    The on-board GPS signal shield is very important for some customers. After
    the mortgage car company released the money to the original owner, it
    temporarily gained control of the car. In order to prevent the car from being
    stolen by the original owner, such companies will purchase gps jammer and
    install it in the parking lot where the car is stored. It is installed on the
    vehicle, so that the original owner can not locate the vehicle, thus protecting
    property security, but how to shield the vehicle gps tracking is very

    Of course, there are other situations. For example, for some reason, you
    don't want your vehicle to be located by others and know the driving route. At
    this point, you can also use the GPS blocker to maintain privacy. The GPS
    jammers of 6 antenna, 8 antenna and 9 antenna are more powerful. In addition to
    shielding GPS, 2G, 3G, 4G and wifi signals can also be shielded to completely
    block wireless signals and better protect driving

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