Protect yourself from office GPS tracking at work

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    With the rise of GPS technology, employers can never know the whereabouts of their employees. Over the years, employers have been able to track the location of their on-site or mobile employees through GPS devices in their vehicles.
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    Tracking the location and activities of employees through GPS can bring many benefits to enterprises, including:
    Improve efficiency by simplifying delivery or other mobile employee travel.
    Supervise overtime work and compliance with labor laws.
    Ensure compliance with safety regulations by confirming that employees are not speeding or otherwise violating traffic regulations.
    Verify that time records are accurate, company policies are followed, and employees are engaged in safe behaviors. In addition, if employees are suspected of misconduct, employers can use GPS tracking as part of their internal investigation of employees.
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    Employers now have more access to their employees than ever before. Although employers may want to monitor employees through GPS technology for many legitimate business reasons, GPS-tracking gadgets inevitably violate our privacy to some extent. On the one hand, we can easily get services from tracking devices. On the other hand, we also lost our privacy. Under the GPS tracking suite, people can easily find your appearance, what you are doing, and where you are going. If we want to enjoy these services, we'd better buy GPS jammers to protect our personal information, including our name, address, gender, telephone number, and sometimes bank account number. Come to www.perfectjammer Check out the GPS jammer, it will solve your problem. With the GPS signal jammer, it will cut off the GPS signal within the effective blocking radius. This is the perfect anti-surveillance device!

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