Hand-held jammers vary by country/region

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    Japan allows jammer gps to be installed in public places, such as theaters and concert halls, with a government-issued license. 
    The French industry minister has decided to install cinemas, concert halls and theatres when emergency calls are not possible. 
    Schools in China and India use cell phone jammers to stop scammers.
    Mexico allows riots in churches and hospitals. 
    The main customers there are banks that want to prevent potential thieves from communicating with their employees, something the Mexican government plans to use in prisons. 
    Pakistan has allowed blockades at banks and libraries.
    Canada argues that blocking is permissible in similar circumstances. 
    Dozens of countries, including Canada, Mexico, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey and others, allow police or prison officials to use jammers.
     Most countries, including the United States, use jammers to prevent cell-phone-triggered explosions targeting government leaders. 
    When President Obama walked down Pennsylvania Avenue after the inauguration, phones were jammed all over the area. 
    Jammers are used by the U.S. military to stop roadside bombings in Iraq, but they also have other uses.
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    Netline officials sold their first jammer in 1998 and say they sell thousands of jammers a year and are expanding worldwide.

    Based in Tokyo, Medic sells thousands of Wave Wall jammers for live performances.Commuters are still using cell phone jammers to put train passengers to sleep.

    In Scotland, Ronnie McGuire, owner of electrical and electronic engineering Services, imported Taiwan-made phone blockers and sold them to hotels, restaurants and bars.

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