How common is GPS jamming? (And how to protect yourself)

  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer
    The case of jammers at Newark Airport is a good example. A simple $30 device can shut down the most advanced and complex landing system at one of the world's busiest airports. Worse, the device user didn't even try. Imagine what a person who wants to cause harm would do?
  • PerfectjammerPerfectjammer

    The incident at Newark Airport comes as officials from the FAA and Port Authority of New Jersey have battled for more than two years to figure out why the new Ground Extension System (GBAS) -- a system primarily designed to enhance aircraft takeoff and Landing system's systems are active - intermittent error. The cause of these failures appears to be indeterminate.

    Ultimately, with the help of the FCC and special equipment, they were able to determine the cause of these unexplained problems: a local contractor had deployed GPS jammers that not only interfered with his company's fleet tracking system, but disabled it in the process.

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