Why can the workplace monitor people's behavior?

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    Nobody wants to be monitored all the time: you can't do what you want to do, feel under control and have limited privacy. However, observe specific activities of people, vehicles, objects or other objects and collect information about them. This is very useful in some cases, so the technology is used in many areas. However, with regard to the collection of certain data in the workplace, a framework has been established, particularly in work life. The legal provisions and relevant paragraphs generally stipulate the content that can be collected and cannot be collected, but who cares.

    Even in the private sector, you can use various technical methods to always know where your partner or child is and where you are. Whether it's a mobile phone or a specially designed GPS transmitter in the car: there are many options to find out who is where, how long it takes, or where they want to go. However, while providing services for us, GPS tracking gadgets inevitably violate our privacy to some extent. On the one hand, we can easily get services from tracking devices. On the other hand, we also lose our privacy. If we want to enjoy these services, we'd better buy GPS jammers to protect our personal information, including our name, address, gender, telephone number, and sometimes our bank account number.

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