Questions tagged with 'jammers'
  • How does the jammer protect the information?
    The mobile phone signal jammer will intercept the signal of the mobile phone and prohibit the use of the mobile phone. Does it have other functions? Do you like information privacy?...
    2 comments Most recent by PerfectjammerJuly 2020
  • What is the function and scope of WiFi jammer?
    Does anyone know what the jammer WiFi signal is? what's the effect? Can you tell me what you know?
    2 comments Most recent by PerfectjammerMay 2020
  • Do different jammers work the same?
    Hello everyone! In our life, sometimes you have to use different jammers at different times and on different occasions, so I wonder how long they can work?
    3 comments Most recent by PerfectjammerMarch 2020